What is the Aim of No Bull Design School?

No Bull Design School was set up as I thought there seemed to be a real lack of advice and tutorials for anyone wanting to learn graphic design. There is a lot of information on how to use design software, but not so much on how to actually do the design itself. This site aims to help fill that gap with articles on coming up with ideas, layout and design plus some practical advice on how to manage your design time and working with clients.

Who am I?

I’m Tara Roskell, I’m a freelance Graphic Designer based in the UK with over 20 years experience in the Design Industry. I have been freelancing for the last 13¬†years and prior to that a Director of a small design agency, plus worked in a selection design agencies. I also have a blog at www.graphicdesignblog.co.uk and have released my first design course “How to Design a Logo – A Beginners Course

I hope this blog helps you learn graphic design.