Learning design is a lot more than just learning to use graphic design software, but it is an important tool you need as a graphic designer. Knowing how to use design software well allows you to get your ideas worked up quickly (after sketching them out on paper first of course).

Here are some free video tutorial on some of the most popular graphic design packages to help get you started. Please note all these courses were free at time of writing, if you notice this has changed please let me know.

Learn Adobe Illustrator – Free Video Tutorials

Getting Started with Illustrator CS6 – from Adobe TV

A series of videos from Adobe themselves which sill help you get started with learning Adobe Illustrator.

Learn Adobe Illustrator CS5 Basics – Udemy

Learn the basics of finding your way around Adobe Illustrator, it’s tools and some shortcut commands

Adobe Illustrator Tutorials – Layers Magazine

Layers Magazine has a large selection of Illustrator tutorials. They are not so much a course as more something you can dip in and out of to learn different techniques.

Illustrator Tutorials by Video Podcast – Creative Suite Podcast

Similarly to Layers Magazine above these are more lessons which teach you various techniques rather than a complete beginners course. You will find tips, tutorials and discover new things you didn’t know you could do in Illustrator.

Design a Letterhead in illustrator – No Bull Design School

In this free video course I teach you how to design a letterhead starting by sketching and then working it up in Illustrator

Free Adobe Photoshop Video Tutorials

There is definitely no shortage of free video lessons to learn Photoshop. Here are a selection below.

Get Started with Adobe Photoshop – Adobe TV

Adobe themselves provide free videos to get you started with learning Photoshop. This includes all the interface, layers filters etc etc.

Learn Adobe Photoshop Video Lessons – The New Boston

This video course contains 16 lessons to get you started with photoshop. It looks like this course could be added to in the future as the other courses have more lessons.

Free Photo Shop Video Courses – Udemy

Udemy currently has several free Photoshop video courses for beginners

Miscellaneous Photoshop Video Tutorials – Layers Magazine

A series of Photoshop video tutorials rather than a specific beginners course.

Photoshop Video Podcast – Creative Suite Podcast

Miscellaneous Photoshop tutorials which you can watch on the website or subscribe to by podcast

Photoshop Podcasts – CreativeCow

These podcast look quite advanced so maybe start with the other ones first

Free Adobe Indesign Video Tutorials

Learn Indesign Basics – Udemy

This free Indesign Course will get you started with creating a booklet in Indesign

Indesign Course – Adobe TV

This video course content list looks pretty comprehensive to get you up and running in Indesign

Free Adobe Indesign Tutorials – Layers Magazine

Miscellaneous video tutorials on specific aspects of Indesign

Indesign Video Podcast

A podcast teaching various aspects of Indesign. You can watch on the site or subscribe in Itunes so you don’t miss future lessons.

Free Adobe Dreamweaver Video Lessons

Learn Dreamweaver – The New Boston

A 41 video free course to get you started in Dreamweaver

Free Dreamweaver Video Courses – Udemy

Udemy currently has several free Dreamweaver video courses

Dreamweaver Basics Course – AdobeTV

Direct from Adobe a series of video tutorials to start learning Dreamweaver

Learn Dreamweaver – Layers Magazine

Dip in and out of these video tutorials to learn specific aspects of Dreamweaver

Dreamweaver Podcast – Creative Suite Podcast

Miscellaneous Dreamweaver tutorials you can watch on the site or subscribe to in Itunes